Application of control system of molding machine in foam product production

2016-11-21  618

The control system of the molding machine is mainly used to ensure the regulation and monitoring of various process parameters in the process, and control the whole production process.

The early control system mainly focused on the monitoring of process parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow, ratio, pouring / injection time and the control of the whole device, which was coordinated and managed by operators on site. With the development of production technology and equipment, the control technology is also progressing. At present, most polyurethane molding foaming machines are jointly controlled by programmable controller (PLC) and computer system to form a complete production control system to meet the complex process control requirements and the needs of automatic production.

The computer system also performs quality monitoring tasks at the same time, including quality trend analysis and preparation and management of production database, which can be called by users at any time. The perfect control system can meet the requirements of high product quality, lasting monitoring and control of production weighing, as well as the requirements of various parameters and accurate records.